Hey there, I'm Vaughan...

Discover our journey

When people ask me, “How the heck did this all happen?”
here’s what I say to them:

As far back as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with human potential, what makes things tick and seemingly disconnected things like: science, technology, music, psychology, entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality, fitness and philanthropy, just to name a few.

I started my career in the social service industry 40 years ago and during that time, I have acquired a variety of different accreditations that have been influential in developing the products and services we currently offer here at StyleAbility.

I became a Certified Systems Engineer and have been involved in the development and implementation of many innovative technologies over the years for various organizations around the world.

I’m also a Certified hairstylist and Master barber whose had the privilege of working as a teacher for one of Canada’s top hairstyling schools. Here, by the way, is where I originally conceptualized our StyleAbility CAREcutting System.

Which brings me to you…


Our Mission

We’re here to serve. Our commitment is to bring you the very best of what we’re living and learning. StyleAbility was built on the belief that:

It’s not resources but resourcefulness that wins the day. Figuring out how to overcome adversity will lead us to our greatest accomplishments. With the right plan of action, we can work together and create the future we want for our communities and for ourselves.

This philosophy has led to amazing developments of our products and services and we’re very proud of the positive effects they’ve had overall.
We would love to share this with you — the families we serve and build on addressing more needs one area at a time.

Let’s continue to focus on what we CAN do.