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Build Better Client Connection Through Innovative Technologies

Provide greater continuity and support for your clients and families.

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Whether you are a for-profit or non-profit organization, coach, consultant, practitioner, specialist or industry expert we can help provide:

What is StyleAbility's Strategic Partnership?

And, how can it help YOUR organization?

StyleAbility combines innovative products and services with an effective, 5-step, strategic partnership plan

StyleAbility Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need To Market, Sell, AND Support New and Innovative Services to your Families.

Our Products and Services Include:

StyleAbility Provides the Tools and Support. You Facilitate and Keep all the Profits! Attract More Families, Serve More Families…

Our Partnership Includes:

Create Beautiful, Professional

Haircuts at Home

without the stress, frustration, or anxiety for children with ASD

How Our CAREcutting Program Works for Your Families

What They Learn:

Course Overview:

Our 5-Step Partnership Process

Introduction to Our Program

Our main goal is to connect with social service organizations and associations to bring innovative technology solutions to light and help you to create a better client experience.


StyleAbility provides you with onboarding material and a marketing funnel to our CAREcutting program for 25-50 of your parents to participate in and learn professional skills online.

Survey & Results Discussion

Families receive a survey from StyleAbility to gather valuable feedback to make any improvements for the best experience possible. These results are shared with you to measure its success.

Scale & Monetize

With our program’s success, you can now introduce this new resource to more of your families.

Specialized Training

StyleAbility has specific training for therapists which complements the core modules your families learned in CAREcutting to generate new sources of revenue for you and additional support for them.

When People Connect, Amazing Things Happen

We Provide the Tools & Support so You Can Serve MORE Families…
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Our Relationships

We have a deep appreciation for all of the organizations and associations we built relationships with over the years and the collaboration and feedback from the parents who took our previous workshops.

Meet the Founder

Passionate Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Vaughan, the founder of StyleAbility and thanks for checking out our site!

This site is geared towards our brand, new digital program called CAREcutting that can help you get the most out of your time spent on providing your child a haircut.  My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning so you can learn those valuable skills and retain them.

I trust you found what you were looking for and that we can continue on this wonderful journey together.

This is why we do what we do...

“I enjoyed this program because I learned how to do a haircut tailored to my son’s needs and sensory issues, and tips how to calm him down and do at his pace, to be patient and ways to make the fear of a haircut go away. Really Amazing. Thank you!”
This Was The Best Program! “Vaughan and Stephanie are wonderful. I learned various ways on how to cut hair, to best suit my child’s needs. Hands down, I highly recommend them and their program!”
"Thank you so much for connecting with us. I am truly happy about breaking the ice and having my teenaged son allow me to cut his hair. Thank you for giving the needed push to do that. Looking forward to new courses to further my knowledge. The Best!”
“I would like to thank Vaughan and Stephanie for a wonderful time spent learning hair cutting. It was a treat you can never get enough of. Looking forward to an intermediate course if there is an opportunity for one.”

Current & Future Innovations

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CAREcutting Program

Create beautiful, professional haircuts at home without the stress, anxiety, or frustration for children with ASD.


Tranquil Tracks

Brainwave entrainment technology combined with the latest psychology research creates a more relaxing environment for children and their parents.


Body Balance

Combining play therapy and exercise for a unique experience of fitness for the body and the mind specifically designed for children on the spectrum.


Swirls & Curls

Create beautiful updos for any social event or graduation with easy instruction specially designed for children on the spectrum.

Sunshine for the Mind

A new innovation to social stories with modern technology which allows for a more complete sensory experience of sights and sounds.

In a Nutshell Collection

Takes parents through current best- selling books around the subject of Autism and summarizes their concepts into quick actionable steps you can apply to your daily routines. 


Food Savvy Nutrition

This division of StyleAbility offers parents and their kids nutrition articles, information from registered dieticians, Autism cookbooks and more!


Podcast Series

This podcast is coming soon covering various current events and super- hot topics designed to inform and entertain.


Blowdry & Beautify System

This fee-based program for parents is coming soon and involves more intricate ways to style/blow dry children’s hair, keep them calm and yield great results.


Most frequent questions and answers

This online training consists of 6 modules that can be reviewed at your own pace. Each module would take about 10 minutes to complete so the entire training may last 3 hours in total. It’s broken into corresponding modules showcasing exercises and techniques that parents would also have seen in the StyleAbility home CAREcutting program.

This course provided to therapists is designed to be an overview of the CAREcutting program for the families. It should only be used as a reference to assist therapists in understanding how the process of haircutting according to StyleAbility’s methodology is broken down in order for therapists to apply their own therapies at their discretion. This course is in no way a therapy training program with any certification designation.

You can recommend our CAREcutting program which is the first of its kind to offer helpful professional techniques to allow parents to give a safe and effective haircut to their children. It’s available at a reasonable cost for 6 modules that correlate to what you can jointly do to reinforce certain behaviours and help with progress. 

Yes, these methods and techniques have been proven with physical workshops offered throughout the communities in the Toronto area to parents looking for better options to cut their child’s hair at home in a safe and relaxed environment. See our Testimonials for more details!

"We are our choices"

– Jean-Paul Sartre

Now that you understand the way our strategic partnership initiatives are structured, are you ready to begin? As a valued partner, you can leverage our tools to train and equip your team to provide new and innovative products and services where both you and your families benefit.
Looking forward to a powerful connection!
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